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To give up on Earth is to let humanity and all other beings down. At Science of Astrology, we believe that a large percentage of the human population has been kept in the dark and away from knowledge. With the intention to shed light on truths to which none of us can remain ignorant, Science of Astrology has created our own fact based “Cliff’s Notes” downloadable one-page documents.
Aside from sharing our “Cliff’s Notes” with your friends and family via e-mail, please share these in more impressionable ways as well. For example, if you are a vegetarian and a member of an organization such as PETA, suggest each member print 50 – 100 “Cliff’s Notes” of our Fish document below and distributes them across windshields of cars parked at popular sushi restaurants on any given Friday or Saturday night, this would be a highly effective way to bring awareness without confrontation to those unaware. * Please use recycled paper for distribution of flyers.


Downloadable documents are available in pdf form to the right.

We welcome your comments, success stories and topic suggestions or submissions. We are additionally looking for volunteer book-list readers.

With inquires, please e-mail info@scienceofastrology.com

Fish Read to learn more about Earth's fish extinction crisis.
Factory Farming Factory farming contributes more pollution than all transportation combined. Most are unaware of this.




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