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In what ways will the stars effect the events here on Earth?
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Whether or not celestial bodies beyond Earth affect our own planet is not debatable. Take for instance the moon, which is responsible for a majority of the creation of our tides and the sun that provides life here on Earth.


Science of Astrology provides factual information to the public concerning current celestial events and their effects on planet Earth. Aside from scientific astrologers, our members include astronomers, geologists and other professionals in the field of science.

Articles review articles and papers providing information on the science of astrology. 
Press Services Science of Astrology provides unique monthly syndication services to magazines as well as daily entertainment services to newspapers. E-mail us for details!
32 New Planets Discovered  Keep current on the European Southern Observatory's latest research successes. Scientists are on the brink of discovering life on other planets. 
2012 marking the end of the Mayan calendar, many believe we have reason for concern. Are we facing danger or delusion?
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